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Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd is a well-established, bespoke, natural stone merchant company

Natural sandstone has a character that you can't replicate by artificial methods. As a natural product, our masonry has many beneficial attributes, like a long life span and recyclability. As a material for building, for both decorative and structural elements, natural sandstone is an integral part of the UK's architecture. At Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd, we are passionate about this sustainable, natural building material.

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Yorkstone Paving, Walling Stone and Masonry Suppliers

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We supply bespoke natural masonry to building contractors for building projects, and civil engineers for civil engineering projects, nationwide. We supply stone nationwide, to civil engineers, and builders around the country, and we have nationwide delivery services available to supply all materials anywhere in the country.

Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd are masonry suppliers for new build projects, for a single new build project, to new build projects of over 100 new build houses. We supply Yorkstone paving, walling stone and masonry for building and civil engineering projects nationwide.

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Yorkstone paving for civil engineers

diamond sawn, multicoloured yorkstone paving, palletised, and ready for delivery

We supply diamond sawn yorkstone paving for civil enginnering projects nationwide. We can supply thousands of M2 up and down the country, and we hold large stock for immediate delivery.

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Walling Stone for Farmhouse and Barn Conversion

walling stone and masonry copings, erected at a bespoke barn conversion

Every farmhouse or barn conversion is individually designed to your bespoke requirements. Your needs might be, to match the existing materials, or match the section sizes of door or window surrounds, or to make sure that you keep the same character of the building. Whatever your requirement, our experts are here to give you advice, and ideas to ensure that your build is completed within budget.

We work with clients from architect's drawings to present a simple non-complicated process of providing your bespoke requirements, along with advice on cost-saving opportunities when suitable.

Our friendly, professional staff are here to give advice and help you, our client, achieve your goals, sourcing the most suitable natural material, whether it be for a small extension, a new build, a barn conversion or a Town Centre Regeneration Scheme.

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The sustainability of natural stone

new build houses, built from sandstone walling stone

Natural sandstone used on construction, landscaping and domestic building projects gives an air of quality and sophistication. Freshly quarried natural stone is produced by highly skilled craftsmen for new build projects and can be recycled with time. Natural sandstone materials have a low environmental impact, in comparison to concrete, and the methods used in its production are energy efficient, reduce waste and conserve natural resources like water.

Any professional that is involved in civil engineering, or housing development and construction will tell you that the choices made regarding materials are key to the success of the project. The choice usually boils down to cost versus long term benefits, or the choice of initial expense against reward over time. This choice is most likely to be between natural and reconstituted stone.

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architects drawings of sandstone gateposts natual sandstone gateposts, in a woodland setting, supporting large black metal gates sandstone masonry gatepost caps

We specialise in producing the finest, highest quality, bespoke sandstone masonry. Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd has a long held reputation for craftsmanship and quality service, by dedicating ourselves to exceeding your expectations. We offer a stone matching service that allows you to source and produce beautiful bespoke masonry for building contractors and civil engineering companies. Our stone masons use modern equipment, and years of craftsman experience to make the finest stonework. We offer bespoke, natural stone products, like Yorkstone paving, walling stone and architectural masonry for new build projects, barn conversions and town centre regenerations around the country. Our masonry is a real feature to any building project. We can cut non-standard sized products, in any shape you require including, but not limited to, copings, window and door surrounds and ashlar masonry, in a range of colours to your exact requirements. All of our masonry and paving can be supplied with a variety of finishes, from honed to bush hammered, to bull nosed step treads. Get in touch with us to discuss any requirements you have. We also offer internal masonry, from internal floors and window surrounds, to fireplaces and mantles as a focal point, complimenting a traditional or modern wood burner, or fireplace. Natural sandstone is available for any landscaping projects. We can cut stone to any size or shape for steps, wall copings or paving. We provide a professional and friendly service, with advice at all stages of the project.

new, sandstone gatepost, laid on a pallet, ready for delivery modern, full height window surrounds in buff coloured natural stone, in a new building, with a church in the background ornate, buff coloured sandstone window surround, in a brick building large, buff coloured boulder, engraved with the name of the housing development large, buff coloured boulder, engraved with the name of the housing development

Benefits of natural stone over concrete


Construction professionals and civil engineers know the importance of keeping local planning authorities happy. There is an increasing policy among local authorities to encourage the use of natural stone over reconstituted stone. Projects that use natural sandstone will be viewed more positively by the planning department.


You may think that finding natural, ethically sourced and authentic stone is more difficult than the cheaper reconstituted stone, but this is not always the case. In fact, artificial stone may have a longer lead time to be delivered to site, causing costly delays. Contact us to discover the availability of natural stone for your build.


Natural sandstone has long term benefits when compared to reconstituted stone, it is well known that natural stone improves with age. Artificial stone fades over time, and perishes when subject to weather over time. The choice is clear when it comes to longevity. Natural stone is a long term investment, that will pay dividends long after the initial cost benefit of concrete has faded.

Bespoke cutting and craftsmanship

Natural stone is unique and individual, produced with quality craftsmanship.

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