sandstone wall, with tumbled edges, with hills in the background

Walling Stone

Sandstone Walling Stone

new sandstone wall, made with tumbled walling stone, with a round bullseye window

Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of natural walling material to building contractors and civil engineers around the country. If you are a building contractor or civil engineer with natural building stone requirements, we have stocks of material available for delivery nationwide.

We are able to give advice on all new and reclaimed natural walling, whether your requirement is for new walling, coursed and natural sandstone building stone, random, interlocking or is for reclaimed walling for a more aged sympathetic and natural appearance, a home extension, a new build constructed from natural walling stone or even a development of many dwellings, we can give you free and professional advice, very competitive rates and a selection of natural stone masonry to best suit your specific contract.

We deliver natural walling and building material nationwide at very competitive rates

We also provide a matching service. If you have to match existing materials, either by your choice for an extension, or local authority planning requirements, we can give advice on the current availability of materials.

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buff, grey and orange tumbled, natural walling stone, laid in random courses natural, tumbled edge walling stone, with orangey buff, and gray colouring 140mm course height, sandstone walling, laid in courses, with a tumbled and blackened finish 140mm tumbled walling stone

Tumbled Walling Stone

Tumbled walling gives an aged look, that is suitable for high-spec, modern developments, while also complementing the look and feel of more traditional builds. Each stone is selected by hand, by highly skilled individuals, to make sure there is the perfect blend of sizes, colours and textures, that makes this product is perfect for your development.

Our tumbled walling stone is becoming more and more popular for civil engineering, landscaping and housing developments. It's natural strength and beauty, that is unable to be replicated with artificial means, makes natural tumbled walling the ideal choice for your project, large or small.

Our tumbled walling stone is supplied in bulk bags, each containing upwards of 4M2 of stone. This will be unloaded on site by your own equipment, but if you require mechanical unload by us, then we can arrange this before delivery for you.

It is supplied in varying course heights, and each piece is between 100mm and 125mm on bed.

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a stone built, new build home, constructed from 140mm pitched face walling stone

Pitched Face Walling Stone

Our pitched walling stone is made from natural sandstone, and can be supplied in various colours. It is usually supplied at 140mm course heights, and is backed off to be 100mm on bed, in random lengths. The natural walling stone is supplied wrapped and on pallets by articulated flatbed truck to the destination, where it will require mechanical unload. If you cannot provide machinery to unload, then get in touch with us, as we can arrange for a forklift to unload for you. We can supply pitched face walling stone in large quantities, nationwide. We can supply in great quantities with an ongoing supply of natural material. Natural, hand dressed, pitched face walling stone is regarded as the most popular finishing material for new build developments, extensions and landscaping projects throughout the North of England, and the rest of the UK.

Pitched face walling stone is preferable for building, as it has neat, and square arrises to give a flush surface to the finished wall. We supply pitched face walling stone for new builds projects, from single dwellings, bespoke barn conversion, up to developments involving up to 60 properties. The pitching is done by hand, by professional stone masons. We can supply stone with various degrees of pitch, which determines the face of the finished material. Pitched face walling stone is generally supplied at 140mm bed size, in varying lengths, but we can supply in 65mm or 215mm depending on your requirements.

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buff and brown dry stone wall with tumbled finish

Dry Stone Walling

We sell new, drystone walling stone, available for immediate, nationwide delivery to civil engineers, building contractors and landscaping companies. Available in clean cut cropped face or tumbled finish. 100mm - 150mm bed thickness for cavity walling, bulk bagged, and supplied with our usual delivery terms and conditions. If you need further information or details, then get in touch with our friendly experts, who will guide you through the process of selecting the best sandstone walling stone to choose for your project.


Imported stone, can rely upon the exploitation of labour to produce an extremely cheap product. The stone is transported half way accross the world, in bulk, to the UK, which adds environmental costs to the product.

Our stone is sourced from the UK, and not overseas.

We tumble our UK sourced stone, using modern methods, taking a material that would otherwise be used as landfill, and recycling it into a contemporary and classic building material. This ethical, and environmentally sustainable process recycles a previously wasted material, into a useful and useable consumable.

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Red Sandstone

natural, sandstone wall, made from red sandstone walling stone with a tumbled finish Red, dry laid sandstone walling stone

140mm is one of the standard sizes for walling stone in the construction industry, and the most common on to supply. The constant 140mm height means wall ties line up with the course of the stone. We supply large quntities of sandstone walling in all sizes, in random or fixed lengths and several different colours, and finishes, from pitched face to punched, ashlar to tumbled, or dry stone walling stone. Tumbled walling can be supplied in random sizes, and we can also supply this tumbled stone at a consistent 140mm, nationwide, in very large quantities. It arrives at our yard new, and then is put through the tumbling process to give an aged, reclaimed look.. Ashlar is sawn on six sides to give a perfect smooth finish to the wall. Skilled craftsmen produce our pitched walling stone by cutting traditional, hard, Lancashire Millstone Grit sandstone into the standard 140mm slabs, then cropping and dressing the stone using highly skilled masoning techniques, to give a classic and beautiful pitched face to the stone.

Lancashire is criss-crossed with dry stone walling. It is a classic feature of the British countryside, constructed without mortar or concrete, by interlocking stones, that hold themselves up without cement. More and more commonly seen used in new build development and landscaping and civil engineering projects to give a rural charm. Our dry stone walling comes in an earthy buff/tan colour, and is provided with a split or tumbled finish depending on your specifications. Samples are always available on request. Call us or email to find out more.

Blackened Walling Stone

gray, dry laid walling stone, with tumbled edges and a blackened finish gray, dry laid walling stone, with tumbled edges and a blackened finish tumbled walling stone

Random Walling Stone

red and gray dry laid walling stone, laid in random courses, with a tumbled edge finish tumbled walling stone wall, made from buff, gray and orangey walling stone tumbled walliong with natural stone quoins