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Sawn Yorkstone Paving

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sawn yorkstone paving

Sawn Yorkstone paving is available for immediate, nationwide delivery for building contractors and civil engineering companies. It is only sourced from UK quarries, and not imported. New, sawn six sided Yorkstone paving for town centre regeneration projects, bespoke barn conversions and domestic paving projects. Sawn six sided Yorkstone paving is highly desirable for it's smooth surface, and it's hard wearing and durable nature, and it is perfect for heavy traffic areas.

Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd provide some of the best quality Yorkstone paving that I've ever used ... I would whole-heartedly recommend them.

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yorkstone paving used to pave a town centre regeneration

Sawn Six Sided Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone with six sawn sides has a smooth surface, and perfect, calibrated corners for easy laying. It is usually supplied in 300mm, 450mm or 600mm widths in random lengths at 50mm or 75mm thickness. These measurements, however can be tailored to your exact requirements if needs be. We offer one of Britain's biggest ranges of sawn six sided paving. Sawn paving has an very smooth, and flush finish when it has been laid properly. This doesn't mean that the finished surface is in any way slippery when wet. In fact, sawn paving has great anti-slip properties, whether wet or dry.

New, diamond sawn paving is typically used in town centre schemes or for a more contemporary look. New, riven, Yorkstone paving slabs, reclaimed Yorkstone paving, imported Indian paving mainly used in a residential environment.

Our Yorkstone can be supplied with several finishes. We can supply sawn six sided, riven with sawn edges, or fettled edges, with a hand chiselled finish. Yorkstone with six sawn sides has a smooth surface. Riven is the name given to the process of splitting blocks of stone to give the finished surface a natural texture. The slabs can then be sawn around the edges, or hand fettled to make them look more natural. Our Yorkstone paving is perfect for use as steps and risers, we can supply steps with a bullnose, which is a wonderful finish for treads on steps.

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riven yorkstone paving


This has a riven surface, which is a rougher, more organic and natural surface finish, is formed when the slabs were created. Our highly skilled masons cleave the stone in two along a bedding plane, which has been deterined by millions of years of geological action on the stone. Riven surfaces are subject to an uneven finish, which highlights the true nature of this organic material. Every piece of riven Yorkstone paving has an entirely unique and random surface, that artificial stone cannot reproduce. The concrete alternatives use generic moulds the produce the same pattern again and again.

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tactile yorkstone paving slabs, ready for delivery

Tactile Paving

There are 1 million partially sighted adults in the UK, having problems ranging from limited field of vision to total blindness. Visually impaired people can be more confident, if blister or corduroy paving has been used in the design and construction of our streetscapes. Tactile paving surfaces allow people with sight problems to decide which action to take next in the absense of visual cues that most of us take for granted. A kerb upstand is the natural indicator of the edge of a pavement. But it is the accepted design model that a level or ramped kerb is used for pedestrian crossings. Tactile paving is used to indicate that the pavement and road are at the same level. Contrasts in colour can be used to indicate the transition to visually impaired people, who will also find cues under foot, with detectable changes of texture. Tactile paving is used to inform visually impaired people about their environment, for example, blister paving as a warning at pedestrian crossings, or corduroy paving as a warning at the top and bottom of steps and ramps, railway station platform paving The Disabled Persons Act 1981 requires contractors and civil engineers to consider the needs of disabled persons when designing public pavements, by providing ramps at appropriate places.

We can supply corduroy and blister tactile paving in Yorkstone for town centre regeneration.

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We offer bespoke cutting and profiling to fulfil your requirements. All of our new Yorkstone can be made specifically to your needs, from sawn Yorkstone paving to bullnosed Yorkstone steps and matching risers.

If you're not sure what kind of finish will be best for your project, then get in touch with us, we will be happy to assist you.

yorkstone paving slabs

Benefits of Yorkstone


Yorkstone is the best type of stone to produce paving slabs from. It has proved itself over the centuries to be extremely durable, even under heavy traffic and footfall. Yorkstone paving is strong, much stronger than other sandstones. This strength makes it the perfect choice for high traffic areas, that it is exposed to in many towns and cities. Yorkstone paving is seen in heritage towns and cities around the country, from London to Edinburgh.


New Yorkstone is a natural product, and as such, it is very important to take into consideration the fact that it has variances in colour, markings and texture. This variance is what gives charm and character to the paving. Even with a smooth surface, like a sawn or honed finish, Yorkstone paving will remain slip resistant. This is as true for worn, reclaimed paving, as it is for new. Yorkstone flags are ideal for interior and exterior uses, including around swimming pools, as it is slip resistant, even if it gets wet.


Many people think that Yorkstone is buff/brown, but it comes in a huge range of colours, depending on it's mineralogical content. Oranges, reds, blues and greys are all available, depending on the areas that the paving is sourced from. We can supply paving in a range of colours and finishes from light buffs to dark greys, that will complement any setting, from domestic driveways to traditional farmhouse to contemporary city properties to town centre regeneration schemes. For full colour details, get in touch with us.

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Bullnosed Yorkstone Steps

multi coloured paving, showing lots of patterns and hues, with a bullnosed edge at the front

Yorkstone steps are a perfect choice for entrance ways, due to their unique benefits. Our Yorkstone steps are available in many different attractive colours, from honey to blue greys. Yorkstone step treads are traditionally given a bullnosed finish, but we can provide alternative finishes, half bullnose, pencil-nose or chamfered are among the most popular. We can supply the risers and copings to match.

smooth yorkstone paving, with a bullnosed edge, showing lots of different colours

Modern building techniques, and contemporary architecture have changed the development of the building industry. The use of natural, bespoke materials in construction has adapted, from it's age old roots to the modern systems in use today.

bullnosed yorkstone paving steps

Just as the construction industry has been required to adopt modern methods, so too has the design and production of natural materials in the modern world. The modern UK building and construction industry is more specialised than previous generations, with fewer natural quarries. Quarrying processes are more modern, and the materials are processed by giant saws, where the blocks are transformed into slabs. Secondary saws then cut it into it's final desired shape. This process is used to create the sawn six sided, diamond sawn Yorkstone paving, that is so popular with building contractors, and civil engineers alike.

flight of yorkstone paving steps with a bullnosed detail at the front

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riven yorkstone paving flags

Northern Stone Sales (UK) Ltd are natural Yorkstone suppliers to civil engineers, for new build projects, and bespoke barn conversions. We have an expert knowledge of all types of natural stone paving. We are able to source all types of Yorkstone, including diamond sawn, riven, and sandblasted. We can also supply all colours of Indian stone paving flags at very competitive rates. We are based near the Lancashire/Yorkshire border, and is in a prime location for sourcing the highest quality Yorkstone paving. This area is underlain by the coarse grained, sandstone called Millstone Grit, or Yorkstone.

The area is divided by rivers that have provided the main travel and trade routes across the area and are location of some of this areas major towns and cities. Buildings in these towns and cities are made from, and paved with, this locally quarried Yorkstone. The Lancashire/Yorkshire border provides a wide range of sandstone for local building purposes, while also supporting a national and international trade, supplying sandstone cities around the globe. Yorkstone paving is a natural, extremely durable, Carboniferous sandstone. We can produce this type of paving in a wide selection of sizes and finishes. Yorkstone was the original paving material of many towns and cities around the country, including London. One of it's main strengths is it's weathering capability, that means that Yorkstone paving looks better with age. Combine this with it's longevity, and Yorkstone paving becomes an appropriate material for high-profile sites, where quality is more important than the short term cost saving. Yorkstone paving can have a life-span in excess of 60 years, even in heavily trafficed areas, if laid carefully to specification.

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reclaimed yorkstone paving slabs

Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving

Reclaimed Yorkstone in various grades/qualities are always available, and we hold stocks of reclaimed Yorkshire Grey roofing slate for barn conversions, civil engineering projects and new build projects. So if you are a civil engineer with natural stone requirements, or a project manager for a new build housing development of any number of dwellings, that needs natural stone supplied to site nationwide, then call us on 01200 404 909.

Reclaimed Yorkstone paving slabs are in stock now, and available for nationwide delivery. Reclaimed Yorkstone flags are perfect for civil engineering projects, bespoke barn conversions and domestic paving projects.

Catherdral Grade Yorkstone Paving

Our 'cathedral grade' reclaimed Yorkstone paving is of the highest quality. This premium grade Yorkstone paving is usually thicker than other paving slabs, being around 75mm, with smooth riven faces. It's beautiful surfaces, weathered by years of footfall make it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Every one of our reclaimed Yorkstone paving slabs is chosen by highly skilled individuals. Reclaimed Yorkstone paving is old, and as such may be subject to variations in colour and texture, and also, they may have slight flaws, which give this type of paving it's unique charm and character.

The majority of our reclaimed Yorkstone paving can be over a century old. It's smooth surface texture is a result of the years of foot traffic that has passed over these classic and timeless paving slabs. This unique and irreplicable face is a testament to the heritage and provenance of this highly valuable and sought after form of Yorkstone paving.

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yorkstone slabs, with edges that are sawn straight, with an organic, riven texture on the surface yorkstone paving slabs, with stright sawn edges.  This paving has a riven texture

The term 'Yorkstone' covers a variety of sandstone, mainly from Yorkshire, that have been used for hundreds of years. Yorkstone is known for its hard wearing and durable qualities. Qualities that have made it the perfect choice for construction, civil engineering and landscaping projects around the country, especially in London, where it is the traditional paving material. Reclaimed Yorkstone paving is popular for restoration projects. Its naturally weathered surface is highly sought after

If you need us to supply samples of reclaimed Yorkstone, contact us on 01200 404 909, or email us at sales@bespokemasonry.co.uk to arrange a delivery.

Here are some of the different types of reclaimed Yorkstone that we have available. If you can't see what you need, then contact us, and we will do our best to supply your stone requirements.

Delivering Stone Nationwide

Delivering reclaimed Yorkstone paving nationwide requires specialist transport. We will take the type of access you have to site, and weight of materials to be delivered when deciding the transport that we will use. To save you money, we will transport smaller loads with a flatbed pickup, with mechanical unload by others. Large volume deliveries we will use an articulated wagon. If mechanical unload is not available, we can arrange transport with a carrier that provides an unload service. When you call to place an order, we will advise on delivery charges, as these are different for every order. Call us for more information.

yorkstone setts with a tumbled finish

Yorkstone Setts

Yorkstone has been used since at least Roman times in forts, through Norman times in churches, and during the medieval time as castles. During the later 17th and 18th centuries, grand manors, and mills were constructed from this material as well, funded by the booming wool and cotten trades, and used to demonstrate the areas growing wealth and power. The quality of Yorkstone paving defines and unifies buildings and outdoor spaces, through the consistent use of this most prestigious of materials. It is high quality paving, that we source from Britain and comes in a vast array of attractive colours, and has an inherent character that is derived from many years of wear. The use of Yorkstone paving, either new or reclaimed, on a property creates a unique sense of style, that cannot be replicated with concrete paving, or imported stone. Precast, or artificial stone paving stains and fades after only a few years of use. Yorkshire stone is a naturally occurring, sedimentary, Carboniferous sandstone of extremely good quality, which comes from the quarries of the Pennines, in Northern England. Yorkstone is best known for its use as a paving stone, it is used in most major towns and cities in the UK. Yorkstone, also known as York stone or Yorkshire stone, is widely used in the civil engineering and construction industries, due to it's natural strength and innate beauty. Yorkstone was formed over 300 million years ago during the Carboniferous (meaning 'coal bearing') period. Consisting of mica, quartz, feldspar, silica, iron oxides and clay. It has been quarried since medieval times and by the 18th century a huge industry had been developed quarrying the stone.

Our Yorkstone paving is of the finest quality. You can be sure that you are getting the highest quality with our Yorkstone paving flags. If you need us to supply samples of new Yorkstone, email us at sales@bespokemasonry.co.uk to arrange a delivery.