Tumbled Walling Stone
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Tumbled Walling Stone

UK Suppliers of Tumbled Walling Stone

Tumbled walling gives an aged look, that is suitable for high-spec, modern developments, while also complementing the look and feel of more traditional builds. Each stone is selected by hand, by highly skilled individuals, to make sure there is the perfect blend of sizes, colours and textures, that makes this product is perfect for your development.


Our tumbled walling stone is becoming more and more popular for civil engineering, landscaping and housing developments. It’s natural strength and beauty, that is unable to be replicated with artificial means, makes natural tumbled walling the ideal choice for your project, large or small.


Our tumbled walling stone is supplied in bulk bags, each containing upwards of 4M2 of stone. This will be unloaded on site by your own equipment, but if you require mechanical unload by us, then we can arrange this before delivery for you.


It is supplied in varying course heights, and each piece is between 100mm and 125mm on bed.